Rockscope - Watch Out: Lissy Trullie - July 27, 2009
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Watch Out: Lissy Trullie

July 27, 2009

Press photo by Jay Hanna

There hasn't been a lot of reasons for bloggers to blog about Lissy Trullie other than the same old 'she used to be a model' story - something she's probably sick of hearing by now. But those are the things you have to deal with when you're trying follow your dreams of being a rockstar. In the early beginnings, you have to endure the pokes and prods by music snobs as they examine your music, style, and background to determine if you're blog-worthy.

In Lissy's case, it helps to have tomboyish good looks and a fashionable sense of style. Last week however, Lissy's been turning heads with her music mainly due to her fantastic cover of Hot Chip's Ready For The Floor!

As a huge Hot Chip fan, this cover gets an A+.

After signing with Downtown Records, Lissy Trullie is currently working on her debut album right now which should come out sometime this year. Definitely someone to watch out for!