Rockscope - Iron and Wine Covers George Michael's "One More Try" - March 15, 2011
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Iron and Wine Covers George Michael's "One More Try"

March 15, 2011

Last year, the A.V. Club spawned a project called "A.V. Undercover," in which 25 indie bands came into a studio, picking a song to interpret off a list of 25 pre-chosen tunes. With each band that came in, the list dwindled down and the selections became more random and intriguing. Since the first series was wildly successful, they have decided to bring it back for a second season, so to speak. Although Iron And Wine, with their cover of George Michael's "One More Try", is technically the first band up, this particular song wasn't on the list. Instead, it was hand-chosen after complications made their initial choice go awry:

If you're a careful follower of A.V. Undercover, you'll know that "One More Try" by George Michael is not actually on this year's list. Here's what happened: Iron And Wine's Sam Beam chose "Islands In The Stream" to cover, and had a special guest lined up to sing with him. That special guest couldn't make it at the last minute, and rather than have Sam pick a different song from the list, we let him play one that he'd been itching to do anyway (and a song that feels completely in the spirit of Undercover).
It's only fair that Iron And Wine gets special treatment, eh? I mean, they're quite legendary by now. So click here to enjoy the first cover in the A.V. Undercover series, which also features Markéta Irglová of The Swell Season on backup vocals.