Rockscope - Video: Dominant Legs - Hoop of Love - August 8, 2011
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Video: Dominant Legs - Hoop of Love

August 8, 2011

It's been a while since we've checked in with 2010's most promising up and coming acts, hasn't it? San Francisco's Dominant Legs grabbed my attention last summer, and since our last feature, there's been plenty progression for the duo. Oh yeah, like the fact that they are no longer a duo; bassist Andrew Connors, guitarist Garett Goddard and drummer Rene Solomon joined to flesh out Dominant Legs into a full-fledged band.

Another change - both sad and fortunate - is vocalist Ryan Lynch's haircuit. Sad because Ryan and fellow vocalist Hannah Hunt no longer have matching, flowing hippie-esque locks. Fortunate because his new 'do does make him look quite suave.

The most important bit is probably that they've been working hard on a debut LP, huh? So grab your denim jackets, the fruit of your choice, whatever else might remind you of summer and dive into their new video for "Hoop of Love," the first single off Invitation. If the sugary fresh produce you're munching on doesn't manage to give you a cavity, the sweetness of this indie pop groove might.

Invitation is out September 27th on Lefse Records.