Rockscope - Deidre - Don't Blame Me Now - August 9, 2011
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Deidre - Don't Blame Me Now

August 9, 2011

The tale behind Deidre (of Savoir Adore)'s debut solo EP, Curious Parcel, is as intriguing and mysterious as her wide-eyed gaze projected on the release's cover (pictured above). Imagine: a severely weathered old package with forwarding addresses that range from Europe to the deep South, with dates that pass from the turn of the 20th century till 1966 inexplicably arrives on your doorstep. What would you do?

If you're Deidre, you ignore the requests of the National Security Agency to willfully relinquish the parcel, and instead cultivate a collection of songs inspired by the secrets contained within.

"'Don't Blame Me Now' is a story about a calendar pin-up girl who falls in love with the man who's desk she overlooks during her month of December," Deidre tells Spinner. "An improbable relationship that blossoms -- channeling that vulnerable moment of young love where precaution disappears and, with a smile, you run head-on into the risky mystery."
Go have a listen to the track on Spinner. Curious Parcel is out digitally now!