Rockscope - The Drums / Io Echo @ The Independent - October 17, 2011 - San Francisco, CA
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The Drums / Io Echo @ The Independent

October 17, 2011 - San Francisco, CA

by Amoreena Lucero

The Drums @ The Independent - San Francisco, CA - October 14, 2011 - Photos by Amoreena Lucero

Stepping into the Independent at show time, I've never seen so many punctual people waiting for a gig to start. Countless fans were lined up by the stage, all anxious to start dancing.

Since playing the same venue almost exactly a year ago, The Drums has not only released their second full-length Portamento, but has also expanded their line-up to include bassist Myles Matheny and drummer Danny Lee Allen. With the new material, the group hasn't strayed from the catchy indie pop melodies of their old songs, continuing to captivate new and old fans alike.

The Drums kicked off their set with "What You Were" off their new album, a tune that immediately set the crowd into motion. Continuing on, they indulged the audience with renditions of two favorites from their debut, "Best Friend" and "Me and the Moon".

This time around, the ensemble seemed to be chattier, which was a pleasant change of pace until an amusing blunder occurred. At one point, Jonathan Pierce yelled out, "Seattle!" to audience members before quickly laughing it off and assuring everyone he knew where he was. San Francisco has pride, but how can one not forgive a man with such dance skills and on-stage charisma?

Opening for The Drums was Io Echo, a Los Angeles based band who always puts on a great live show. Lead singer Ioanna is a performer with big stage presence, wildly flipping her hair around in dramatic stage lights. The group has had many successful stints opening for other stellar bands, including Florence and the Machine and La Roux, but it shouldn't be long before they start headlining big shows of their own.

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