Rockscope - Video: Mr. Little Jeans - Runaway - April 2, 2012
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Video: Mr. Little Jeans - Runaway

April 2, 2012

Guys, I have to chuckle. I just must. The name Mr. Little Jeans incites nothing but a trill of giggles. It plants images in my head of hipster boys with too-tight jeans drinking kombucha. Or, you know, whatever those hipster folk do nowadays (eat goji berries, maybe?).

Moving past that, I was pleasantly surprised that behind the pseudonym Mr. Little Jeans is Monica Birkenes, a girl with a whispery, intoxicating voice with an excellent song called "Runaway", the first single off her upcoming debut album. That LP will drop this upcoming August on Sony, but in the meantime, we have this music video to tide us over. Directed by Zach Shields of Dead Man's Bones (excuse me while I soon at the mere mention of anything Gosling-related), the clip encapsulates the mood of the song and the tone of Monica's voice. (Plus, the beginning parts almost remind me of Logan's Run, or some other dystopian universe. /Geek moment.)