Rockscope - Oberhofer Interview - April 4, 2012
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Oberhofer Interview

April 4, 2012

Brad: Hey Liz, howís it going, howís it going?

It's going good. Are you guys on the road right now?

B: Yes, weíre driving through the Rockies. I could lose you at any second.

Oh no. Yeah, I imagine the reception is terrible there. But uh, hopefully if we get disconnected we can get reconnected somehow.

B: I have no problem connecting.

(Laughs.) Great, well thanks for setting aside the time to chat while driving through the treacherous Rockies.

B: No problem, time is all I have.

So you guys just made your late night debut on Letterman, and I was noticing that you got a really enthusiastic reaction from Dave and Paul. Can you describe what that whole experience was like?

B: Honestly, you know, I didnít really grow up watching Letterman or anything. When I heard that we were playing it, I was kind of like, ďOh! I donít really know much about that.Ē Then, our drummer Pete was like, ďMan, I used to watch Letterman all the time, and thatís how Iíd find out about new bands when I was a kid.Ē And I was like, ďMan, that has a lot of culture significance. Thatís pretty interesting.Ē Then we went and played it, and The Shins were recording before us. That was really cool.

L:Oh, wow. Thatís awesome.

B: Yeah, you know, I kinda grew up listening to those guys, so that was cool. Then we did a bunch of checks and stuff like that. It didnít really feel official until we went on, and it was being taped, and there was an audience. It was take it or leave it. There are no retries, you know. That was really fun.

L: Yeah. I mean, when I was watching it I thought, ďOh wow, these guys really killed it.Ē I was kind of expecting the reaction from Dave at the end, Ďcause he usually does that for people he likes. So, yeah, I was rooting for you guys.

In a recent interview, you actually mentioned you just finished shooting a music video?

B: Yes.

L: Am I allowed to ask for what song and when we can expect that?

B: Yeah. Itís for ďAway Frm UĒ and itíll be out soon.

L: Soon? Thatís vague. (Laughs.)

B: Within a week.

L Thatís good, then. I was wondering, since the title of your album is Time Capsules II, what three things would you put in a time capsule to sum up this past year?

B: OhÖ What three things would I put in a time capsule to sum up the last year?


WellÖ I donít know. You know, I donít really think you can sum up a year in three things, nor should you ever have to. But I can take three things that I would just put in a time capsule that really have no significance other than I think theyíre kinda cool things to put in a time capsule.

I think that sums up something at least, if not a year of experience.

It definitely sums up something, thatís for sure.

So what would those three kinda cool things be? Anything you can think of off the top of your head?

Iíd probably put a hard drive with a bunch of stuff on it. I know thatís kind of cheating. But thatís one thing I would probably put in a time capsule. And thenÖ I donít know. I spent the last year collecting a lot of old photographic prints, and Iíd probably put a stack of those in there. If you call that one thing, my second thing. And I would umÖ (Pauses.) The third thing is difficult. Iím trying to think of something that has a lot of sentimental value from the past year.

The photo collection was a good one.

Yeah, well thatís number two.

Right. Yeah, we still need number three. Think hard. Maybe the mountain view will inspire you.

Oh, Iíd probably put my guitar in the time capsule from this year. Iíve used it all year, and Iíve pretty much destroyed it, so I could put it in the time capsule.

Yeah, youíll probably need a replacement soon anyway, then. Tell me more about this collection Ė where do you actually find all these old photos?

Well, I mostly just went on Ebay and searched for really bizarre subjects.

Thatís cool. Actually, thereís a bunch of flea markets in LA with this one guy who has a booth set up with nothing but weird, old pictures, so what you said reminded me of that. You guys are actually headed out here soon to play Coachella. Any bands youíre excited to see?